Kanye West “Pablo” theme Pop-Up looting triggered a global fan


In Kanye West announced the worldwide opening 21 during the “Pablo” Pop-Up After defining theme shop, attracted global fans berserk. 21 in the world shop, were waiting in a long queue of several hundred meters of the flow by Kanye West derived from the boom can be described as overwhelming. Offer from the list provided around the clerk, we kept informed about each shop has its own defined place defined styles. Unfortunately, this “Pablo” theme Pop-Up Store is not limited to carry out in China.

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adidas Originals NMD new storm struck, cordial trend visual feast

As the seasons change, the trend of the wind also will change for the trend of people, in addition to wearing a neat fashion, but a wild and compelling tide shoes but to “dominate” the street must-have item. As a trend barometer of adidas Originals on August 16 Ri (Xingqi Er) blockbuster release 25 pairs of new shoes in Beijing in autumn NMD 798 Rose Bud Art Center, unlimited extension of the “future” theme, the liberation of Urban Nomad spirit of exploration. Activities at the scene through the traditional Peking Opera / erhu tone, with contemporary DJ / b-boxer reverb, a public “City Sound Creators” and the new interactive exhibit, will translate into immediate perception of past and future, and the city’s more than 200 media and the trend of people together through time and space to enjoy the visual feast, but also bring more fresh ideas for the trend of the sector!


As we all know, NMD shoes born at the beginning as a science and technology running shoes, which shoes from adidas Originals Pioneer Micro Pacer, Rising Star, Boston Super draw the essence of design, restructuring adidas Originals’s most prestigious product image elements, and continue to give its new modern sense, thereby opening period of fashion chasing trip.

It is reported that August new NMD_XR1 shoes always follows the classic adidas Originals genes and leading technology, that retains the basic signature style EVA cushioning color and minimalist color design based on the use of the adidas Originals patented lightweight cushioning BOOST TM outsole and Primeknit weaving techniques and the use of high-quality shoe heel suede patches, and more delicate texture. In addition, new shoes NMD_XR1 also broke the original three stripe design, innovation in the side of the shoe is equipped with original TPU frame, refreshing, coupled with mesh materials stitched together with Primeknit shoe body structure, and more interleaving is a strong visual impact. It can be said that the new product NMD_XR1 shoes full visual experience futuristic!

Street fashion, never ultimately impact visual elements! Adidas Originals combines innovative thinking with traditional combination designed to meet the current fashion trend of the new definition of ICON carrying NMD_XR1 new shoes, the storm struck, help kindle street fashion highlights , to create a unique visual part of your street trend feast.

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Jay Why Choose New Balance 997.5 to design joint cooperation?

New Balance x PHANTACi

997.5 It is because of the use of the upper 997 to 998 with a sole and hence the name. First by the Japanese proposal, the birth of time than the 997.5 and 998 to 997 of late, in recent years under the influence of 99X series boom fame, and also introduced the production version of the classic beauty. And the New Balance x PHANTACi 997.5 retain more designs at the same time, also joined the lightweight REVlite in the end, once again mixing the new definition. However, New Balance x PHANTACi of ten joint cooperation commemorate shoes and not available for sale, which is very regrettable, but it foreshadowed the full return of 997.5, the 99X series remains the most mysterious and perhaps would pose 997.5 New Balance 99X to a new round of the peak.

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How to look at Air Jordan subvert the traditional new tricks?

Air Jordan I_1

Air Jordan XXXI innovative 3 Logo design, somewhat subversive imagine all sneakers enthusiasts. Such innovation Many times incredible, if understood in a new generation of shoes, a new generation of creative point of view, then perhaps you will slowly begin to accept. However, recently released a number of positive improvements generations may be more ridiculous. Full canvas fabric hook line edition Air Jordan I, Air zippered Jordan XV, sock edition Air Jordan I are big subversion. Can not say that Jordan Brand wits in the design, more can be seen as a bold attempt to be creative and try new technology with the classic combination, try the shoes will give the market what kind of feedback. As an independent brand does not want to be forever branded classic brand, but also must be appropriate to open up the road of development of the post-Jordan era.

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adidas Originals open a new era in New York

NMD shoes

Today, adidas opened the adidas Originals brand in the “Big Apple” in the new era. Fourteen years later, they finally moved out of the garage next to the Apple Store as general retail corner, came to the vast space has a real 115 Spring Avenue. Located in SoHo next to the new adidas Originals store has 2540 square feet of space, by the New York city culture of the store design, the use of a metal column to support the store. And this New York new adidas Originals store will be the next release of the product range of the latest locations – including include NMD shoes are released will be here. September YEEZY Season 4 will also be published here?

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Clarks ORIGINALS shoes with a new interpretation of the classic printing

Desert Boot

Recently, the British classical Tide brand Clarks ORIGINALS selected two new colors to its Desert Boot, Wallabee Boot and Trigenic Flex bring a different look. The new program amounts to two designs, first of burgundy, blue ink and dark gray ink colorful design with light gray upper, art is outstanding, and the other decorative elements of the shoes kangaroos Wallabee® evolved line was dot pattern design, with classic black and white hit the color, playful, cute yet retro atmosphere. Both comfort and fashion, that is, in this series Clarks ORIGINALS want to express attitude.

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NBA is getting worse? Michael Jordan does not agree: are getting better

According to reports, the Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan in a recent interview represents NBA is changing toward a better direction occur.


Since Jordan officially retired, NBA game has undergone great changes, especially with a dominant post player less and less, while the NBA has gradually become the dominant coalition perimeter players.

When asked about this topic, Jordan replied:. “I think the game has changed for the better”, the Jordan also pointed out that many of the great players are very comprehensive, from the 1980s, Magic Johnson and pull Lane – Bird, now and then LeBron – James.

This statement is clearly answered Jordan and other NBA legend are not the same, because many NBA legend when it comes to the NBA now, most of them will give a negative evaluation and criticism, the most obvious example is a contemporary of Charles and Jordan – Buckley, he has said publicly that the current NBA he had seen the “worst of the NBA.”

In fact, as early as 2013 of an exclusive interview, Jordan had said only four active NBA players to the era of his outstanding performance, they are – Tim Duncan, LeBron – James – Kobe Bryant and Dirk – Dirk Nowitzki. But now it seems, Jordan for the NBA’s views are also changing.

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Shoes market lift 3 d printing boom, adidas brands such as 3D printing factory

Adidas announced the first Speedfactory will open in the United States in 2017. Recently there are many media reported the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps endorsement hypoallergenic 3D sports shoes advertising, track and field air Allyson Felix wearing Nike “Superfly FlyKnit” 3D shoes. Speedfactory will use this new 3D printing shoes boom.

3 d shoes

German sports brand adidas Speedfactory has set up a mechanized operations in Germany, the factory will be located in North America in Atlanta.

Speedfactory cater to the tastes of the latest consumer trends and people, and can more quickly to produce shoes, high yield, inventory management and more complete, somewhat akin to H&M and Zara these international fast fashion brands.

And hypoallergenic opened their own 3 d printing factory in Baltimore, known as “UA Lighthouse”. There were rumours that Nike shoes will be in 3D printing equipment investment is 235 million dollars.

When large footwear company competition for 3 d printing shoes in the future market, many emerging brand also began to all in the name of 3 d shoes appeared.

“Once the 3D printing is becoming more popular, anyone can have their own brand, some people with their own 3D printing shoes brand are less likely to be successful,” said the industry electric business platform 3 dshoes.com.

For the technology, the founder of the 3 dshoes.com cites the rap star Kanye West said a words:

“This is what I was afraid: 3D printing. As the Internet destroyed the music industry, I’m worried that there might be ruined now 3D printing textile industry… maybe one day in the future, everyone can print shoes at home,” West said in an interview in 2015.

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Why Adidas Yeezy shoes so expensive?

Kanye West and adidas jointly released Yeezy sneaker is known as coconut shoes. Yeezy 350 Boost uses a previously hot Yeezy 750 Boost has a similar design style, with the blessing of the technology Primeknit gray knit uppers, Boost outsole, laces rough size, in the bottom half of the circle as black leather ‘decorative’, followed by a canvas material made at a pulling ring provides a lot of convenience for consumers, this paragraph coconut to help low breathable and simple as its design concept, is absolutely essential your shoes out to the streets in the summer.

YEEZY Boost 350 1

In February, Hom Lord and Adidas collaboration series was first released, was on social networks and the media on which the two pairs of shoes passionate pair is YEEZY Boost 350, another pair is 750– latter only when the first global 9000 pairs, the price of one o’clock touted to several thousand dollars.

As for the reason, one is brand Adidas, etc. Furthermore it is called the top quality and design, the other is a kind of limited sales model, makes some people love shoes or some crazy person wants to face the charge.

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Nike Olympics never lost this battle now will be lost to competitors

Possible since live television was born, there is no an international contest to provide such a huge stage and opportunities like the Summer Olympics to show the same brands of products. Every four years, the sports brand will begin a fierce war, take advantage of the Olympics to launch its own popularity and attention of all kinds of new products. And each time after the end of the “war”, Nike is the undisputed winner, very clear winner. But this time, to the “war” is no longer the case.


According to the latest Forbes report, the curtain went up since the last week of the Olympic Games, Nike continued to fall in the share price rise only 1%. At the same time Under Armour’s stock rose 2.3 percent, while Nike’s biggest rival – adidas shares rose a staggering 5.9%, far ahead of Nike. And in the latest quarter, sales reports, adidas announced a high profile in the North American market sales made up 26% of the increase, while Nike is spent in the last quarter and then fell 10% so far in 2016 came the worst stock.

However, Nike is not something unexpected defeat in this year’s Olympic Games. According to Bespoke Investment Group reported in 1984 to sixth in 2004 Olympic Games, Nike has gone from 4% to 19% share of the increase; however have some small decline in which the last two Olympics. So Bespoke founder Paul Hickey said: “Nike’s competitive pressure reached unprecedented heights, only adidas continued strong momentum, Under Armour is now one of the big listed companies indicates that the future of this competition will be more fierce. and the “war” between the brand will also be more expensive. “

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