Even aside Kim Jones, this pair of Nike is still worth buying

With the arrival of autumn, Kim Jones x NikeLab joint series of new fall and winter also recently released on the official website of the sale countdown NikeLab in addition to those used clothing Tech Fleece, as early as June will be exposed Air Zoom LWP’16 finally 4 burst debut, which will include the most attention and is a pro-Kim Jones with white models.

Kim Jones x NikeLab 1

When this pair of Air Zoom LWP’16 get started, you will find that this is perhaps the most over-year, the Nike combine luxury and technological sense of shoes, before someone says ACRONYM® x Nike Air Presto Mid Nike is by far the best year shoes, I am afraid to overturn his findings a. After the body of the shoe to one design, Air Zoom LWP original leather stitching position changed on the new waterproof adhesive, covering fairly good on modern white JCRD (JACQUARD) knitted fabrics, followed by pulling ring, lining, laces and insole is equipped with leather material, khaki hue TPU position more conventional color is a luxury. In the bottom part, Air Zoom LWP’16 retains the original Zoom Air technology, three-dimensional honeycomb bottom detail and clear crystal set is a bit surprising.

Overall, this pair Kim Jones x NikeLab Air Zoom LWP’16 a Nike is undoubtedly one of the most worthwhile to start in autumn.

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Nike of this shoe can automatically tie his shoe will sell how much money

For as I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, like lazy people who tie their shoes it is really a rather tortured thing. Elastic feet are not the same not comfortable, but too lazy to unlock the system again. Now the new Nike shoes on sale soon and so I can say is lazy welfare, not only can automatically tie his shoe, but also according to your foot type simulation, so you wear more comfortable.


Nike designer Tinker Hatfield long ago it promised us in 2016 will bring an automatic lacing shoes, and now we finally know the specific time to market, this shoe is called HyperAdapt 1.0 in November start retail 28th. This shoe will now want to know how much to sell?

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adidas Originals by stunning degree of Alexander Wang is a bit lower than expected?

Alexander Wang 1

adidas Originals by Alexander Wang this year is undoubtedly the most significant joint cooperation adidas Originals series. We also recently analyzed some reason Alexander Wang and adidas Originals cooperation. But after all a single product officially announced, the response does not seem popular, even as adidas good reputation of THE Z.N.E. HOODIE. Personally I think that with only a 180-degree reversal of clover Logo and there is not much innovation, but for the adidas Originals brand is a breakthrough, brand Logo mark this important cooperation is difficult to change, and alexander Wang did, in fact, the performance of the adidas Originals for his unlimited support. Although the adidas Originals by Alexander Wang designed lower than expected, but I believe it will not affect the selling, after all, Alexander Wang’s work is so popular.

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Only this one pair of Nike Air Yeezy 1 “Black Glow” appears on eBay

Nike Air Yeezy 1

Although between Nike and Kanye parted ways, but the two sides to create the Nike Air Yeezy sneakers history of the series is undoubtedly the most dazzling works. Recently, on eBay will be added to a pair of Nike Air Yeezy 1 “Black Glow” rare color, this pair of shoes is reported that the market valuation of between $ 10 million and $ 15 million, is the only remaining pair of sample release in 2008, and “new cassette. ” The most critical is that this is the first double Promo Sample is created by Air Yeezy 1, and tailored specifically for Kanye, and has never been on sale, so imagine rarity.

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NFL banned players wear soccer shoes adidas Yeezy Series

For adidas Football is concerned, this week is a very tough week … shoe fans may recall that after the start of the new NFL season, the Broncos’ defensive star Von Miller was wearing a pair of Yeezy 750 cleats participated in the opener, while remaining in the first week regular season Houston Texans player DeAndre Hopkins and Adrian Peterson was wearing a Yeezy 350 cleats compete and have a good play. And then adidas will be announced in the near future will be on sale Yeezy series shoes football shoes. Everything is developing in the right direction.

Yeezy 350

However, with the NFL for DeAndre Hopkins fined $ 6,000 after the abrupt end of the good momentum. The reason for the fine is DeAndre Hopkins worn by Yeezy 350 cleats gray two colors are blended intertwined, in violation of the NFL under the shoes must have a solid base color plywood principle, if you want to continue wearing a Yeezy Series soccer shoes to compete, you must first get permission NFL Union, to the present, it would be an impossible task …

After rival Nike in 2012 became the only official equipment sponsor of the NFL, and this prohibition is to wear the adidas it must be a major blow. But that would mean adidas cornered, but may become an opportunity to reverse the market. I think back to Michael Jordan’s NBA “cut through” the ban has brought to Nike how big marketing advantage, so that Nike has created a Sneaker Empire. And only the color problem, adidas will be ten million kinds of methods comply with color design, planning and there will be more in marketing to promote its own “Banned” soccer shoes.

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LV shoes and Kanye West collaboration coupled with his signature, and now how much these shoes worth?

Kanye West_2

We all know that Kanye West regardless of the year or now in cooperation with Nike adidas shoes are crafted in the fashion industry caused a sensation greatly, but shoe fans know that in 2009, Kanye West also brief and luxury brand Louis Vuitton conducted Hom cooperation … then God is LV shoes designed mostly Hudson Patchwork shoes, but word of mouth is the best with a pair of suede and leather to create shoes, which uses 24 kt gold in the details to make laces deduction, and to build with pink soles. This last produced only 30 pairs of shoes, and no sale, Kanye West just gave friends and family. Now this pair of shoes sold for 5,000 to 10,000 dollars on some websites. Recently, Juan Zapata and Julian Oliveros will live in Kanye West’s doorstep plugging into” him, carrying a pair of “priceless” LV shoes let Kanye West signed his name … So you think now there are these shoes What is the value?

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361 ° unveiled new professional running shoes first stop of “catch-up 10K · + 1 experience” running activities

361° PRO-RUN 10K+

September 10, 2016, “dare to experience ultra-10K · + 1” Urban road race event organized by the 361 °, the first station in Taiyuan send the gun to start running! With the road race event, 361 ° latest release of PRO-RUN 10K + professional running shoes have also released, as well as the depth of the runners advanced features to create professional running shoes, PRO-RUN 10K + with three-dimensional carbon fiber composite materials, which greatly enhance the support package and performance; various combinations of materials of different density outsole designed to deliver exceptional damping stability; while REGEX midsole supporting embedded thermoplastic sheet material before and after the connection charge, to provide a stable arch support to help runners challenges of 10K +. 361 ° PRO-RUN 10K + professional running shoes for men and women has been on sale September 1.

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For 10 years after the Nike design director, he built sneakers School of Design

If you want to buy a pair of sports shoes, go to the store or online shopping stroll around just fine. But if you want to design a pair of sneakers, of course, things are not so simple.

“Most designer shoes educational background is in product design or industrial design also learn fashion design, but these courses is mainly about how to design women’s dress shoes, and the creation of this curriculum in American schools may only five or so. “Pensole Footwear Design Academy founder D’wayne Edwards said.

D’wayne Edwards from 2001 to 2010 served in Nike footwear design director, he is one of eight designers involved in Air Jordan series, giving Carmelo Anthony, Derek Jeter, Roy Jones Jr., who designed shoes, but also 2008 US Olympic national team shoe designer, was complex.com listed as one of the most influential shoe industry is currently 50 people.

Interestingly, Edwards himself and no professional background. He entered L.A. Gear shoe company any time clerk 27 years ago, was a high school student. 6 consecutive months of his day to the company’s employee suggestion box in the delivery of a different shoe design sketches, and finally at the age of 19 that day officially became a designer.

Until he became the design director at the start to recruit people, problems encountered in the original candidates seems to remain: “The US footwear industry can create value year $ 50 billion, and 80% are concentrated in Oregon, California, New York, Massachusetts Michigan and five states, but you can not find a few standard movement capability SHOES designers a lot of candidates actually. “” this is a different thing and SAT exams, you need a resume (portfolio). ”

The next story is like a reincarnation. Edwards launched a high school student for the Nike Jordan Future Sole Design Competition in 2008, after three years the number of matches each absorbed from 800-10000 Then he rose to 100,000. Therefore, in 2010, Edwards followed in Portland established the world’s first professional shoes School of Design Pensole Footwear Design Academy.

Pensole not as sound as just shoes Training College. Successful applicants free room and board, each control about 60 people. In fact, the main profit comes from the talent agency business and brand promotion. Edwards’s strategy is simple: the design department and the university brand sneakers butt – Universities can get internships and school teachers top brands, the brand you can find potential talents in advance, a number of joint projects competition held regularly can also increase exposure of the brand.

The curriculum is very tight here – for 14 hours a day in three or four weeks, learning content including consumer research, materials research, playing board. This setting is deliberate, because “the design industry is so cruel, you have to often stay up late to catch up on the project” and that “the company’s pace of work is not a” start “,” stop “,” start “,” stop “, but has been in “processing”.”

High-performance sports shoe design is much more complex than ordinary dress shoes. “You are giving the athletes to do the design, must first solve the performance problems, think of ways to make it look good.” “The whole process is like building a house or as complex as making cars, the use of very diverse materials, designers must also recognize that the shoes are basis for the entire body. ”

Even so, according to fastcompany.com reports, the number of applicants still apply for many, an average of 18 places per 850 applicants, some high school students (although it must be at least 18 years of age), while others are already enrolled in Parsons, MIT and other schools but we want to know the details of the design of shoes fashion students.

For these students, in addition to directly follow Nike, Adidas and Under Armour brands such as people working for decades to learn professional knowledge and experience, it is probably the greatest temptation for Designers Pensole commercial speed.

For example, this year they are with Foot Locker and Asics launched called “Fueling the Future of Footwear” project, after completion of the course the final winning works September 17 can be directly added to the Foot Locker store in – “that is spent 3 weeks just to show a 3-minute, three minutes and that could change a designer’s life. ”

However, Edwards thehundreds.com in an interview that he did not intend to rapid enrollment.

“I volume (size) is not interested. People come Pensole because they go to school in this so gathered here not the best student, but the ability and willingness to learn is designed for people …… they need an environment and together they can grow stronger than man. I was just, like Nike. “

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Alegra O’Hare was appointed Vice President of Adidas Originals

Alegra O’Hare was appointed vice president of worldwide Adidas Originals, which is a new position of Adidas Originals, O’Hare will be responsible for Adidas Originals, Adidas Neo, Y-3 multiple brands to develop marketing strategies, as well as the Adidas core shoes fashion team seeking cooperation.

Alegra O’Hare

Alegra has played for Adidas Group for nearly 10 years, O’Hare began her career as a public relations manager at Adidas Originals, and enhance brand director. By 2015, he was appointed senior director of global brand headquarters in Germany. Her achievements of the brand’s first Snapchat channel launch. On the 2016 Cannes Lions Festival, she was awarded four Lions Award.

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Nike will increase Jordan Brand investment, five years after sales of $ 4.5 billion

Jordan Brand_3

The current Nike CEO Mark Parker said in an interview a few days ago, Nike should not be for the current achievements and feel relaxed, but should continue to enhance peripheral services and products to attract more consumers to buy new products. In addition, it was reported, Nike will also increase investment in the future of cheap Jordan Brand to continuing to help develop Jordan Brand, in order to find more in emerging markets, and expand other product lines, finalized the target in 2020 to reach $ 4.5 billion in sales, you think it will be realized?

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