If each year the NBA Finals will be the championship which legend was born upside down?

If each year the NBA Finals will be the championship which legend was born upside down?

NBA _21

All around the following headings to write.


2016 Warriors while creating 73 regular season wins and History + perfect season championship in the public opinion has been some non-traditionalists regarded as the best team in NBA history, the library is completed two mvp even the village, and finally harvest his first championship, began to enter the ranks of the great players.


In 2007, only 23-year-old James, even single-handedly led his unit in one fell swoop into the finals and beat the heyday of the Spurs won the championship, dedicated NBA history one of the greatest individual seasons, but because of the subsequent years Knight never to return to the finals, he chose to join the Heat in 2010.

2011 James joined the Heat in the first year to win the championship, so a lot of years ago because of his decision to question him, his detractors would shut up, but because of the finals played poorly, FMVP sidelined Wade; but then two years, James’s team were lost to the young Thunder force and sophistication of the Spurs, so James can not bear the win, waste teammates, unworthy team leader and a series of infamy.

But in 2014, under severe aging Wade, Bosh still lost status, James single-handedly carry the team, he finally got to the Miami Heat’s second title; but after winning, he returned Cleveland, and strive to bring home a championship again, this time, he is the first year to do, and in the finals, not even a knight Owen Loew resolved six western upstart warrior, James Wong to the new Division MVP a good lesson, but the second, although the lineup neat, but they could not overcome to create a historical record of 73 wins and the Warriors again.


2013, for the Spurs is a great year, they finally got the team history first championship trophy, Tim Duncan, a 16-year hard work hard for the team’s veterans, and finally touched the O’Brien Cup , 99 years, they lost to the Knicks, in 2003, they could not beat the defending champion New Jersey; in 2005, they survive the sophistication of the piston; in 2007, they even lost to James, a fledgling feather boy.

Duncan best years, he failed again and again, as he’d thought of this era’s greatest tragic hero ended sadly, but did not expect, relying Popovich perseverance to build a basketball team, in 2013 they finally ushered in the championship, broke down in tears at the moment of the GDP, which they exchange with the youth ah!


In 2010, after three years in the newspaper group, Boston finally got the Big Three championship, Garnett enjoy growled, Pierce shed tears of excitement, this year, we can only pay tribute to veterans, but also to the third consecutive finals set back years of Bryant applause, for a fifth championship, Bryant is doing all.


In 2008, the real Kobe, the year he first got the MVP, this year, he won the championship, just stepping on the formation of the Big Three in Boston a year, and this year, he got the Olympics champion, more importantly, he proved to the world, there is no strong f4, not O’Neal, as he can win!


Of course we can not forget 2005 piston f4,06年强大的诺维茨基, 2009 Howard mononuclear win, to win the championship for 12 years but never able to return to the finals of the Thunder three little, they also immortal king.

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Waiters 2 years 6 million signing Heat Wade avatars do reborn opportunity

According to reports, free agent Dion Waiters with Heat complete the contract, the two sides signed a two-year $ 6 million contract Waiters hold a second year player option. Because German – Wade joined the Bulls, Waiters will play an important role in the new season in Miami, and even expected to enter the starter.

Waiters in December 1991. 11 students, now 24 years old, he stands 6 feet 4 inches (193 centimeters), the functional point guard, Knight 2012 4th round pick in the draft. Initially, the Knights will Waiters as core training, he and Carey – Owen as build the core team. But because Waiters perverse personality, he can not coexist and Owen, both because the ball and the status of fierce clashes. There are rumors that, in a conflict in the locker room, Waiters interrupted Owen’s nose.


The summer of 2014, James returned to the Cavaliers, West is one of the earliest notification of his players. James told Waiters via SMS, he will return to Knight, let Waiters ready. James Knight back later, early training organization teammate, Waiters often absent, which caused the dissatisfaction of James. James often to the gym one thing, shouting ‘Where is Dion go? Dion went where? ‘This causes knight high level of attention, the Waiters traded to the Thunder.

Waiters after joining the Thunder, also high hopes, Thunder general manager Sam – Pristina hope Waiters replace Reggie Jackson – Thunder became the sixth man. But in the 2015-16 season, both the regular season or playoffs, Waiters performance ups and downs are very large, we can not give the Thunder provide stable and sufficient firepower, and can not play the team’s sixth man role. For this reason, the Thunder summer of 2016 to give up Waiters offer a contract, making him a free agent.

76 people have a lot of cap space to sign Waiters had wanted to, but because of his bad history to give up. Waiters has excellent offensive ability, if you give him the ball enough, it can easily scored 20 points. His problem is too dependent on the ball, poorly organized and defensive ability, performance is very unstable, did not show superstar potential. For this reason, in the 2016-17 season, the salary cap rose background, Waiters do not have access to large contracts.

Waiters are now 1-year $ 2.9 million contract to Miami, perhaps his last chance to prove himself again. Leave Wade, the Heat vacated starting shooting guard position. If Waiters outstanding performance, he will get a lot of playing time, even get starting. But if he is still not playing offensive and defensive stability, he may become a marginal NBA. Heat shooting guard position, there are now four-year $ 50 million contract Taylor – Josh Johnson and the young players – Richardson, Waiters position is not solid.

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Exclusive Bay Area, Foamposite “Golden Air” special packaging appearance

Nike Air Foamposite Pro_1

To celebrate the San Francisco named “Nike Golden Air” of Nike SNKRS Box open shoebox store appearance, and the US Olympic men’s basketball team is about to embark on the journey of departure, Nike name to Golden Air, has brought a series of special packaging. Bubble jet family chose two new color, Nike Air Foamposite One “Olympic” Olympic spray and Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Royal Black” black and blue bubble appeared, respectively, in a similar suitcase shoebox packaging presentation, as well as supporting Olympic spray, USA Basketball and Penny 1 Cent Logo brooch.

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Featured Nike KD 9 “Warriors” NikeiD customized solutions

KD 9 Warriors color

After Durant announced to join the Warriors, NikeiD also timely introduction of KD 9 Warriors color customization options. Although the official Show Custom wait about 10 weeks, but the actual faster than expected, less than a month, users have been gradually received their customized sneakers, and on the Internet drying out their joy, we can pick and choose some fine color For reference. The selected color scheme based road colors and rainbow color option is expected to take longer, and therefore have not received the shoes of a friend may wish to wait patiently look, still hesitant friends if you see a heart, then you may also wish to customize one pair

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Kobe Bryant discloses a letter to 17 years old own letter

Kobe Bryant_5

End of his career, Bryant has not been forgotten, the game more than ten years as one day figure carries the memories of countless people, it is still vivid in my mind. And recently, Kobe Bryant in The Players Tribune disclosed a letter to the age of 17 own letter. Bryant warned that in the letter, if you really love a person and wants to help him, do not give direct financial support, but let him learn to stand up, so a person’s life will not stand still . Combined with Bryant’s family factors, the relationship with his parents and sister to the Black Mamba is likely caused no small wounds. But no matter what, we are all blessings Bryant later life all the best.

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Kim Jones about the cooperation with the inspiration NikeLab


Louis Vuitton men’s creative director Kim Jones and NikeLab jointly build Packable Sport Style series to be on sale, if you are still hesitant this series can not understand the essence of the design from the picture, you may wish to listen to how the designer Kim Jones said. Childhood beginning States Kim Jones traveled influenced by multiculturalism, so he had to travel considerable importance. In this departure, Kim Jones for the classic Windrunner jacket injection can be accommodated and lightweight waterproof special function; Turning Air Zoom LWP when said originally from a Japanese magazine see, Kim Jones decided to this “ undervalued “design re-shaping.

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Alexander Wang will open a cooperation plan with adidas?


In terms of sports and fashion cross-border cooperation, adidas is definitely regarded as the leader, sitting on Kanye West, Rick Owens, Raf Simons such a public fashion industry movers of adidas does not seem satisfied, a few days ago came the news that, or at adidas future joint born designer Alexander Wang, Co-operative planning. 2014, Alexander Wang had to join H & M, had to create a group of “movement” as the core product, it sparked worldwide berserk. So the outside world is very optimistic about the future of their joint adidas. There is not yet a specific news release

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Nike and adidas basketball court battle business

Nike and adidas

Members shoe fans should have seen the latest session of the National Basketball publicity photos, right? That goes specifically to Harrison Barnes, Kyle Lowry, and Klay Thompson feet hidden promotional photos. Causes it, shoe fans already know, because this is not a sponsor of the three shoes Nike. But then, a lot of shoe fans not surprised, after all, the sole sponsor of the US team is equipped with Nike. And this is not the first time the US team because of infighting between the sponsor and the waves. As early as 1992, the god of basketball Michael Jordan will flag draped over the body in order to cover the Reebok logo, and the 2008 Olympic Games in promotional photos, Dwight Howard is the only one not a Nike-sponsored players, and he photographed when the hand block the Nike logo, coach K is blocked his adidas shoes. Star Blazers guard Damian Lillard recently changed the statement said: “This is a very common thing, the last time I attended American training team, they (Nike) even allow me to wear adidas tight clothing during training.” Damian Lillard went on to say, “I can understand, after all, in the NBA, adidas is the sole sponsor all season adidas in control of everything.” In fact, not only the existence of the battle in the NBA and USA Basketball, which is also surging undercurrent in the WNBA. adidas in the WNBA in a provision that if the player is no other brand of player contracts, the non-wearing adidas shoes in the game, then it must be brand identity obscured. Business is business, but business will eventually disgusting.

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Jordan Brand in Las Vegas officially released the Air Jordan 31

Air Jordan 31_1

Today, Jordan Brand in LasVegas officially released Air Jordan 31 generations, but also be broadcast Live on the web site invited to DJ Clark Kent and Complex sneakers editor Russ Bengtson introduce this new generation of Air Jordan played. Designers said when he met with Michael Jordan for Ferrari supercar LaFarrari experience indeed inspired the design team for this pair of shoes, shoes are also referred to using the whole palm Zoom Air cushion. Russell Westbrook was then to “No Chill” nickname describes appearance, grew up in LA grew from that year, he said how can wear jeans and Air Jordan 1 at the scene today to introduce Air Jordan 31 generations, really quite wonderful valuable experience, while he also said: “when people know the story of 31-generation design, so that we will once again reminds me of the Air Jordan 1 for the entire game influence.”; and Michael Jordan Russell Westbrook is also mentioned how he remembered a young man yourself, so it lets Westbrook became the leading voice of modern times is on behalf of Air Jordan shoes, the presentation also mentioned a few pairs will see a special color of the Air Jordan 31 debut on November, and demonstrated today black and red “Banned “version scheduled for sale in the global Jordan.com and designated shops September 3.

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These stores can be the first to buy Pharrell Williams x adidas Hu NMD

adidas Originals has released the official focus of this new work – Pharrel Williams x . Shoes not only in shoes made major changes in the design is also integrated into the Philippine Board of personal details, including the “HUMAN” “RACE” words, insole and heel of the shoe on the exclusive Logo, etc., reflects the Pharrel Williams advocate peace and oppose a bright future discrimination. Shoes will be the first sale in July 22, and August 25 will be in the global sale.

adidas Hu NMD.

Following is a shop for sale in North America

ADDICT – Florida

ATRIUM / KITH – NY and Miami

BAIT – All seven chapter stores

BBC NY – New York City

Barney’s New York – New York City

Bodega – Boston

CLICKS – Shorewood, WI

CONCEPTS NY – New York City

NICE KICKS – San Francisco


POLITICS – Louisiana

PROPER – Long Beach, CA




. ST ALFRED – Chicago


UBIQ – Philadelphia

UNDEFEATED – California



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